Our Process

Assembly and Cleaning

We will assemble and clean your models as part of our regular service. Resin, larger models, or models with extra detail will take additional time.

Primer and Paint

Your models will be primed, painted, and based on your specifications. Services such as transfers and custom basing now take place.

Varnish and Shipping

After your approval, your models receive a final coat of varnish and will be ready to ship to you after curing.

Gamesworkshop space wolves space marines.

Our painting levels.

Our studio offers 2 different paint levels.

  1. Our Standard (high level)
  2. Display quality
  • If you’re going to be using your models in games and tournaments, we highly suggest our standard quality.
  • If you are a collector or just looking for that standout model in your army, our display level is the way to go.
Wicked gaming studios commission painting miniatures.

Getting Started.

Once we have agreed to terms, we require a 50% deposit on the painting process. All models purchased through our studio will require pre-payment. Once we have the deposit and models, it takes roughly 5 to 6 weeks* for small projects, 6 to 8 weeks* for medium size projects, and large projects will need to be reviewed by model type, size, detail, and count. *Shipping not included.

Next Steps…

It’s as easy as the click of a button and a short message to start the process. We are always glad to answer questions.