About Us

Forgeworld tau supremacy armor battle suit gamesworkshop.
Work in progress picture. You can see 2500+ photos of our work and studio on instagram.

Our Approach

We are a professional miniature painting studio with multiple artists in the United States, Europe, and Canada. All of our artists have a very high painting standard while being extremely efficient.

Customer service is always our #1 priority. We keep our customers informed of the commission progress via pictures/updates as we complete the painting process.

We have assembled and painted 5000+ miniatures for 250+ clients with many referrals and repeat customers.

Our Story

We started with a love of building and painting models. The demand for our painted models quickly exceeded our expectations as requests for commissions started. Many years and models later, here we are, working on everything from display quality miniatures to full armies and terrain. 

Contact us or check out our social media pages for more information.

If you like what you’ve seen so far, or have any questions, please contact us.