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Our attention to detail and customer service are what have fueled our constant growth and supply of repeat customers. Check out our reviews link to see what some of our clients think about Wicked Gaming Studios painting.

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From single display quality miniatures to full armies and terrain, we are here to make your wargaming look amazing!

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Whether your playing with a friend at a local hobby shop or in a tournament, your army needs to look ready to kick ass and take names! We are here to whip your troops into shape and help you terrorize the tabletop.

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We use nothing but the highest quality products on your models. From the primer and paint to the varnish, glue, and basing materials, we build them battle-ready.

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5000+ models and 250+ clients have made us ready for anything! If you’re as serious as we are about painting with your wargaming, click the request a quote link below.

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